Lisa Schuchmann

When I was a kid, I would invade my dad's workspace, and spin the globe on his  desk, stopping it with my finger and tell myself "This is where I will live when I grow up". Most of the time, I would land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but if I timed it right, I would land on Egypt, China, Australia, Chile, and so on with the prospect of traveling there before my end.


I wasn't far off from my 'destiny', and have lived on the east coast for the past 15 years. Until recently, the most exotic countries I have visited were Canada and Mexico because they were the most accessible and affordable - or so I thought.


Last year, I fulfilled my promise to a dear friend, and met up with her in Amsterdam, then followed her to her home in Finland. I fell in love with traveling abroad, so I worked 6 days a week, including accepting a terrible, yet lucrative job so I could embark on my childhood dream of traveling the world, starting with Europe. Most people travel in pairs or a group like wheels on a vehicle, but I didn't invite anyone, and it was the best!


Don't wait for someone to come with you, or for your retirement to kick in when you're too old to really enjoy it. Stop staring at static images of places you will never go on your phone and make it happen. Take control of what you want for yourself, and don't listen to discouraging jerks. It's awesome out there!



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